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Face To Face Befriending Service

Sometimes we all just need someone to talk to, share our memories with, talk about the times that made us happy or share moments that filled us with joy, a shoulder to lean on or talk about the good times past and present.

We offer a Face to face befriending service which can be offered in the person we support’s home or at our base where we are able to offer a range of activities and social interaction workshops. The befriending service at A & A Services West Midlands has been a success and is widely being accessed, we are proud to offer the face-to-face service at our base location which has many local amenities within arm’s reach.

Our befriending service can be delivered in many ways and takes shape and form based on what you as the service user want and are in need of.

Someone to come and talk to you in your home

Have a cup of tea and chat

Someone to come and take you to places of interest to you

A caring hand for when you are down and want company

A willing heart to share your memories with

Someone who you can open up to and share what's on your mind

How Can You Support?

A&A Services are proud to work with a number of individuals or businesses across the West Midlands that can help in a variety of ways including:

- Financial Donations -
- Food Donations -
- Furniture Donations -

“ Every little helps, so if you are an individual or business that can offer support then please contact the team today ”

Rapid Response Emergency Care

24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

Pendant Alarms are the perfect solution for elderly or disabled people living on their own. They offer unparalleled peace of mind with minimal intrusion. If you are worried about your own safety, or that of a loved one, a Lifeline Pendant Alarm is perfect for you.

By the community, for the community, we strive to enact change for all those that need it. If you would like to get involved, donate or share any ideas, get in-touch!

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