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Rapid Response Emergency Care

A personal pendant alarm is designed to help older, frail, or disabled people remain in their own homes, with the knowledge that they always have somebody to help them in an emergency.

The alarm base unit plugs into the telephone line and a comfortable pendant that goes around the wrist or neck. All attachments are included in the pendant alarm cost.

The pendant alarm can easily be installed and tested by the user. Once the test is complete, the user will be connected to our 24-hour care team. In an emergency, the alarm user simply presses the red button on their pendant and the care team will respond. The situation is assessed over the base unit’s loudspeaker and emergency services are informed.

How Rapid Response Works


Once pressed, the monitoring centre will be alerted to assist you.


Someone from our rapid response team will speak with you through the device to assess the situation.


Our expertly trained rapid response care team will attend your home if there is an emergency or if there is no response. Police and Ambulance services may be called if needed.

Rapid Response Home Hub

The rapid response base unit allows you to speak to our 24/7 response team, and can be installed within a few short moments. Simply plug the unit into the mains power and your telephone socket, before connecting your telephone to the back of the unit using the adapter provided. Once connected, press the red button to begin your test call.

Rapid Response Pendants

The rapid response pendant is a small, discreet, and good-looking pendant button. It operates using the 869MHz European Social Alarm frequency which means that it doesn’t interfere with other medical equipment. This also means that the pendant has a huge range – the user can raise an alarm call in an emergency, even if the base unit is out of reach or in another room.

How Can You Support?

A&A Services are proud to work with a number of individuals or businesses across the West Midlands that can help in a variety of ways including:

- Financial Donations -
- Food Donations -
- Furniture Donations -

“ Every little helps, so if you are an individual or business that can offer support then please contact the team today ”

Rapid Response Emergency Care

24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

Pendant Alarms are the perfect solution for elderly or disabled people living on their own. They offer unparalleled peace of mind with minimal intrusion. If you are worried about your own safety, or that of a loved one, a Lifeline Pendant Alarm is perfect for you.

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